2009. 10. 15. 15:44

Let's Think About the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission)

  This week, let's think about the TTC. Apparently, It is the largest transportation system in North America(according to you). But for most Torontonians, it is obviously not the best. Which countries are known to have the best public transportation system? What are some of the highlights? What are 3 main problems in Toronto’s TTC? And Finally, create a list of TOP 10 “Must Have” in a world-class transportation system(You can write in point-form)

  I want to make sure that I’m studying a transportation system, and I’m a student not professional.

  Now, Let’s think about this.

  TTC is the largest transportation system in North America, but it is not the best. I think, just system is very good. Toronto has two main subway line. One is “Green Line” called “Bloor-Danforth” which route is from east to west, another is “Yellow Line” called “Yonge-University-Spadina” which route is from north to south and “U” shape. At each station, people can transfer between a bus and a subway. This TTC route is like to a spider’s thread which is regulated.

  Nevertheless, there are some problems that I felt.

  First, subway’s trains are old. Some trains are too old. This is why it makes noise and accidents. Especially, accidents make bigger problems.

  Second, When a problem is happened, It takes long time to fix it. I have been this experience that oneday night, maybe it was 9 o’clock, TTC workers didn’t fix it immediately, so next day, in the morning. TTC made Torontonians be angry. I don’t understand it. They should have fixed it as soon as possible.

  Third, using fee is too high. In Korea case, it charge fee which depends on distance, but here is only regular rates. It is unfair system.

  These are 3 main problems in Toronto’s TTC. I think TTC has more problems. For instance, dirty, lack of information sign, TTC worker problem, etc.

  I don’t know the best public-transportation. But according to article that you gave me, I think San Francisco is the best public-transportation because it is really cheap. I think the most important thing is price. When people are using low price public-transportation, more people will use the public-transportation, and then naturally the people using their own car will not use public-transportation. For the reasons that some traffic problem can be solved.

  These are a list of “Must Have” in a world class transportation system; Rapid Safety Convenience Comfortable Economy Green .

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