2009. 10. 15. 15:49

Toronto's High Park, What a huge park, Beautiful.

My English is so bad, so I am studying English.
Thus I write this because I want to improve my English.
Actually, This aticle is not good, so I hope to your understanding.
If you find my mistake, leave your advice for me.
Thanks for reading.

Toronto's High Park

How Can I Go There?

You Can see the Toronto's subway station of High Park from west of Toronto.

You should go out to west way, If you go out east way, you have to go turn aroud.

Thus, I recommand you to go west way.

This is good for you about jogging or walking.

Also If you go to poun, you can see how a beatiful sightseeing and evening sun.

And It has a groud for pet dog.

I recommand you to go in summer because in summer is better than in winter, more warm, green tree, large grass.

If you want to see about High Park, you can find in Korea ver. folder on Toronto Life.

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